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Outdoor Fitness


Three Different Outdoor Sections To Suit Your Needs

Group Turf Training Space
Single Stations (Trail)
Group Spaces
group turf

New Group Outdoor Turf Training Space!

We have an exciting new package to offer our clients. Contact our Commercial Team today to learn more! This package comes with:

  • 40 x 25 Piece of outdoor turf
  • Two (2) Octane Airdyne X Upright Bikes
  • Two (2) Octane Max Trainers
  • Two (2) Octane Ro Machines
  • One (1) Torque Tank

group turf
single stations

Single Stations Around an Outdoor Trail

These pieces are engineered to stand independently with 1-3 fitness activities per station (single vertical pole) so they can be placed along a path or set in groups. The fitness trail, along with the fitness stations, provide a workout that can include aerobics exercise.

Incline Sit-Up and Crunch Sit-Up
Angled Ladder and Tricep Dip
Back Extension and Back Stretch
Push-Up/Dip and Decline Push-Up
Leg Raise and Triple Leg Stretch
Pull-Up, Leg Stretch and Tricep Dip
Parallel Bars and Angled Vault
Vertical Knee Raise and Flat Bench
Multi-Activity Bench, Push-Up/Dip, Pull-Up and Leg Stretch
Squat Leg Hop
10ft. Balance Beam Step-up
single stations

Group Spaces

Contact the USF Commercial Team Today!

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